Thursday, December 22, 2011

Food & Fashion: The Christmas Duo

I love fashion, not just clothes but the accessories that come with it, for me it's yet another way to express my creativity. I also love food. A lot. This is why I want to be very comfortable in what I am wearing this festive season, so as not to experience ultra discomfort after loving my food a little too much.

I thought some of you may agree with me, so down below I have compiled a list of comfortable clothes that still have the style factor alongside. I for one don't believe we were made to fit in only one 'shape' category so the dresses displayed are purely options. No one size was in mind.

Opt to break away from the 'usual' colour choices of red and green this year, and relish in plums, violet, raspberry, silver and/or gold if you dare. Christmas isn't limited to two colours so neither should you be.

The clothes below are simply for suggestion purposes only, I am not affiliated with these companies.


              Pep-lum Talk Dress: $42.99                           Box Knot Drop Earrings: $6.76
  • The ever so well placed overlap of this dress makes me feel more comfortable just staring at it from my computer screen. The waist is forgiving and will allow you to feel more than just stylish this festive season. 
  • Accessorize this dress with some tan/ honey coloured boots or 'strappy' heels. 
  • For some added 'dazzle' you can always go silver with some bracelets or a lengthy necklace that compliments the dress neckline.

                         Royal Ruffle Dress: $44.99                  Struck Silver Headband $7.99
  • This dress will compliment your stomach after the 3rd or 4th piece of Christmas cake courtesy of it's elasticized waist. No discomfort to worry about there.
  • The silver headband compliments this dress perfectly with it's sparkle factor *sparkle sparkle*
  • The colour is just as rich as the name, with it's ruffled detailing fit for the festive season.
  • Pair this with some black tights if you are feeling the cold this Christmas, or a cardigan. 
  • This dress is comfortably stylish,  and great for a deliciously joyful festive season
                           Photo Pro Dress $51.99                                  Dancing Like A Star Tights $29.99

  • This dress is once again plum-ish and has a much higher neckline than I am usually comfortable with, but it is very 'vintage' and I wanted to give some options to the list.
  • This dress has a very classic/ festivity feel to it. To me it looks like comfort. It gives waist definition whilst leaving you room to breathe with a cute waist ribbon to 'tie' it off (pun very much intended)
  • The Black tights could spruce this dress up (if you need to) and offer a more 'starry' look then just your normal tights.


Glamorous Sequin One Shoulder Dress           Black Rib Tights or     80 Denier Winter White
$47.32 (currently on sale)                                                                Both $8.45                             
  • The first thing I want to mention is the rib tights that compliment this look, they're more an added comfort (peace of mind). 
  • Also, you don't have to stick with basic black leggings or tights, a bolder colour would still pop with your outfit as long as the designs on both outfit/ leggings don't 'mish mash' (fight for attention) together.

  • When I think plunging necklines I always think they are best suited to 'well-busted' ladies but maybe I am wrong. I'd like to think I am very wrong as I am not the above. 
  • This Cross over style is body shape flattering whilst also giving you the comfort of not being skin tight.
  • You could keep this simple to draw more attention to the dress, or you could add some gold/ or silver (if you're like me and only wear silver) jewellery to spruce it up even more.


This area really is dependent on your personal taste/ comfort. You can easily rock a black, red, plum or nude pump or flat with these dresses. If high heels are your thing than rock it out and make this festive season no different, but if you really don't have a preference include the following into your choice of footwear:
  1. Location: are heels going to make you sink in the backyard party you're going to? Are there tons of stairs to tackle where you are going? Make sure you take into consideration WHERE the location of your festive bash is.
  2. Durability: If you have to walk around for hours mingling at this Christmas get together, but your heart is really set on wearing something higher than ballet flats, you can: opt for kitten heels, bring a pair of your trusty flats with you to give your poor feet a break after a while or even wear a pair of heels in days before so the outcome isn't horrific on the night (think band-aids and lots of blisters)
  3. Comfort: See point number 2. If you love your sky high towers to bits but they cause you the greatest amount of pain...REALLY think about your outcome before you jump out the door.

If I haven't included anything that you'd like to have read about, just let me know in the comments below. I read all of them, I promise. To everyone who has taken the time to read my blog, I wish you the very Merriest Christmas and the happiest new year :)

Until next time,

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