Thursday, December 8, 2011

Black & White

I wish I saw things in Black and White. Not literally of course, gosh that would be awkward since I've colour coded EVERYTHING in my I mean metaphorically.
To my 2.5 year old daughter though, the world (metaphorically) is black and white and it's simply bliss.

I always feel like I have my 'sensible' crown you can see it's a little small, and with this sensible crown I must see the world for what it really is and how it really is. I let confusion and complications enter my world as a result, after all not everything is black or white.

I know that when I was younger I saw the world completely different, simple, calmer and much less complicated. Sometimes though, things are just complicated, obviously not to my 2.5 year old though.

"Lily, I can't see the T.V" I say, making a 'move out of the way' gesture with my hand
Lily looks at me puzzled for a few seconds"Mummy, look at me, see you just open your eyes like this *makes opening eyes gesture* Now look at the T.V...can you see now Mummy?

"Lily why are all of your toys on the floor?"
Lily looks at me annoyed
"Because we are all busy talking"
"Oh..what are you all talking about"
"That's a bit private"

Sometimes I have to let my ability to see the world for all that it is take a bench seat and get back in touch with my inner child. Lily keeps me grounded and helps me enjoy much simpler joys in life, rather than that of what we aim for nowadays.

Although there are MANY benefits to seeing the world as the way we do as adults i.e saving us from utter chaos, sometimes I take off my sensibility crown, even just for a moment and join Lily on the floor playing rolly pollies or chasing the dog around the back yard....just because.

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