Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Closet & Accessories: Organization

I absolutely heart organization and have happily taken on the role as 'fantastic organizational master' (this title may be self appointed) in my family, so today I thought I'd share with you some insight into how I detox, refresh and revamp a room.

First have four things in mind.
  1. Things you are keeping: why are you keeping them?
  2. Things you could possibly sell
  3. Things you are throwing out
  4. Things you could give away
I try to be as blunt as I can in order to avoid carting things around that have been sitting in our cupboards for donkey's years, however I am not as tough a cookie as I would like and have been known to get a bit dramatic when wanting to keep something.
"But I will use it, it's just a more 'next year' kind of thing"
"Throw it away!!!"
"Look over there!! OMG is that a bear??"
"Natasha, I'm not looking away"
....."Your loss, the bear was on a uni-cycle"
Check below for the cost effective tactics I used, to organise my closet/ bedroom space.

  1. I used my old Glossybox container as an accessories storage area and hung my earrings there too.
  2. I used drawers from an old jewellery box I had, to sort out my rings and necklaces
  3. I used a square container that I already had to store (neatly) my nail polishes

These cute ceramic cupcakes were from Big W for $9.95 and originally came with candy inside them, I now use them to store bobby pins, hair ties and scrunchies which is great because I always have to re-purchase bobby pins as they ALWAYS disappear. I'm yet to capture the bobby pin Ninja thieves...

  1. Use containers that you may already have in the house, cost effective should mean that you aren't spending more than you have to, especially if you already have the items laying around.
  2. Things such as old yoghurt containers, glass jars, ice-cream tubs all make great re-usable storage items. You can jazz them up by wrapping them in decoration paper too.

I sorted out my wardrobe and kept in mind my list of throwing away, keeping, charity or selling as I went through my entire clothes cupboard and sorted it all. I was amazed at how many clothes I really do have now and how much I have held onto.
Organizing your accessories, handbags etc separate is actually pretty fun. Sounds like I may have smacked my head but it really is. It shows you what you already have and what you've clearly bought too much/ not enough of.
  1. There are some very cheap and effective closet storage items @ Big W, Kmart and Target. My closet doesn't have shelves apart from the top one so I bought some storage hangers for $15 and wa-la no clothes on the floor.
  2. Organize your shoes! Shoes can be expensive yet we are so quick to throw them on the floor and let them stay as is for a while, a little investment in a shoe storage compartment will save you A LOT of money later on...more money for new shoes perhaps??
Well I hope I have been even remotely helpful, until we meet again, same time tomorrow?

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