Friday, December 30, 2011

How to recover: the next morning

Woken up at a friends house after a night of blur looking less than ideal? Here are a few quick and natural methods to get you not only feeling refreshed, but looking it to.

Here's how:

Are you suffering from a puffy face? Cucumber or a tea bag can help. The moisture from soaking a cucumber in icy water for around 10 minutes then applying thick slices over your eyes, is great for reducing the puffy skin around our eye area. Tea bags are able to help reduce swelling in our face by soothing the swelling of the blood vessels and also helps shrink them back to their original size.

Natural Makeup Remover. A lot of the store purchased make up remover wipes can actually cause irritation and thus break outs on our skin due to the chemicals they contain. If you've woken up looking like a panda and need a quick fix, here are a few suggestions.

Milk: apply some milk to a cotton ball (or clean tissue paper) and apply it to your face. Wash it off afterwards to take away and makeup residue remaining.
  • Olive oil: Olive oil is great for breaking down makeup. Apply 2-3 tablespoons of it onto a cotton ball (or clean tissue paper) for around 2 minutes will work wonders in getting rid of water proof mascara and other stubborn make up stains.

Facial Mask: Bananas! This works great and you can eat the leftovers! Mash up 1/2 banana with 3-4 tablespoons of milk. Apply this to your face and leave for approximately 6-8 minutes. This will leave your skin feeling soft and refreshed

Bed Hair? Work a Ballerina bun. If your hair is oily or just not co-operating I'd suggest working an up do. Nothing too tricky or OTT. A high messy bun will work fine to hide oily, disgruntled hair. Don't try to much to make it look neat and perfect. This tends to have the opposite effect.

Making do with what you have: The purpose of this post was to give you some ideas/ tricks to last you until your next shower basically. Work with what you have around and incorporate it into your strategy. You don't have to be in recovery mode from a big night out to try these tips. Have fun at home and don't forget to comment below on what you thought about today's blog post

I love reading your comments :)

Until next post,

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Organic Makeup

Whether we are lathering it up with tan in a can or lightning it with a foundation, our skin takes a beating with its constant subjection to foreign materials. This got me curious as to what exactly ARE we putting on our skin. I know I am not the only one who has been curious of this, after all the cosmetic industry is riddled with organic makeup companies who are making a 'healthy' profit off of consumers looking to go organic.

Whether its the eye cream we are trusting not to blind us or the eyeliner we are allowing to venture the closest to our eye we would generally let a sharp object, we put a lot of faith into cosmetic companies NOT to be placing harmful ingredients into our products.

So what of Organic Makeup? What truly makes it any different? Well allow me to put on my best Sherlock Holmes thinking cap, and venture into the world of organic makeup vs what the majority of us have at this very moment in our makeup collection.

I will endevour to find out what makes Organic Makeup better for our skin and just how organic can be buy on the market at this point? Interested? For your skins sake, I urge you to follow my blog as I discover the benefits (including those to our wallet) of going organic.

Until next time

How to Actually Save from a Sale

Here Are My Top Five Quick Tips 
(I follow these myself) to get you styling without getting you broke. 

Shop Around!
  I couldn't encourage this more. Bargains are always available, and although it's more of a right place, right time concept if you shop around, you will generally find better bargains at more convenient locations. Don't limit yourself to only online shopping or store shopping. Mixing the two up will increase your chance of finding a perfect sale.

Know your shape, not necessarily size.
  In some tops I am a size 8 (AU), others I am a 10 and every now and then I will get a top that I am a 6 in. I don't necessarily go by sizing as I do my body shape.When you have the option, try on clothes in store. Take a size smaller and larger in with you to the rooms so you have all the options right at your finger tips.

Dress for YOUR shape.
  I have seen a few hundred celebs that I would love to steal their stylists from and keep as my own, but rarely is there one that has a similar body shape to me. Make your choices compliment YOU not someone else, incorporate YOUR body features into your choice, whether they be:
- broad/narrow shoulders
-small/fuller waist
-large/small hips
- large/small bottom
- large bust/ small bust

Knowledge is Power.
   Knowing whether or not the piece you are about to purchase will compliment your wardrobe or just clutter it, is great knowledge to have. In the long term this will save you hundreds (possibly thousands) of dollars, by investing in the pieces that count towards benefiting your wardrobe and avoiding the pieces that don't. Even if you need to write down the essentials you need or complimentary pieces you want, a reference list will assist you in keeping more $$$ in your wallet.

Make the discount really count!
  Two words: Impulse Buying. It happens to the best of us, and unfortunately it happens too often. We save money with a great bargain (or 5) are on our way to the counter and see something we impulsively want. This is what keeps our bank account from going up. Make the savings that you are getting off things you want count towards something even greater. A new car or house deposit maybe?

I hope this has been helpful to at least one person reading. Keep a look out for some products reviews coming very soon, on not only ladies products but Nivea Facial Products for Men too.

Until Next time,

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

DIY French Manicure: Manicare Review

You should know this: I was not paid by this company for this review. It is simply my honest opinion.

What the Product?
A budget friendly DIY Manicure set from Manicare that you can pick up at most retailers for around $19.99 - $25.00 (AU)

The Brand?
I'm generally not a huge fan of DIY manicure kits as they seem too tedious to me (not a very patient person) and flake within a very short time. Effort. Wasted. But so far with Manicare, there's been no flaking or unfortunate smudges so I am quite happy with this brand.

The Bag:

Comes in a limited edition makeup bag (I'm not sure if there are other colours available as this was a gift) I will definitely be using this bag as my go-to travel bag.

The Contents:
  • French Pink Polish (12mL)
  • French White Polish (12mL)
  • French Finish (12mL)
  • French Tip Tapes x 10
  • Miracle Shiner Buffer
  • Cuticle Pusher.
The 6 Step Process:
  • First off was the cuticle pusher to make sure all of my cuticles were level
  • Then using the miracle shiner, I buffed my nails making sure all surfaces were smooth and free of old nail polish.
  • Using the Tip Tapes I painted a coat of French White on just the tips and allowed to dry before attempting to remove the tape
  • Then using the French Pink, I painted two coats (optional) over the entire nail and allowed it to dry for a further 10 minutes
  • After nails were dry I finished the look off by applying two coats of the French Finish.
So what's the verdict?
  • I found it slightly tedious with the tip tapes as they had a tendency not to stay in place, particularly on my right hand (which wasn't great as I am not left handed so I was a little doomed regardless)
  • The colours (once dry) have good staying power. Like most things, if you put some care and time into it, the better it will turn out.
  • The limited addition bag is great for toiletries, make up, hair ties etc. It's a very cute studded design too.
  • All in all this would make a great present as although it's a budget friendly item, it doesn't take away any value from the present itself.

How to be Healthy without the 'er'

I was recently asked if I could write a post, regarding what I would typically eat on a normal day or what I would recommend for a healthy diet. I thought I’d combine the two and I came up with the following.   

Here are just 5 Power foods and how I include them into my diet.

Although I am studying to be a nutritionist, that doesn’t make me qualified in any way at this point. The following information is simply what I do and what I would recommend people try if they were aiming to lead a healthier lifestyle via their diet. 

      What? Tomatoes (Roma, Cherry..many more)
Why should I eat them? You can receive up to 76% of your daily vitamin C intake from just one cup of this bad boys, they contain Lycopene which translates to a potent antioxidant that is linked to not only protecting us from cancer but it also helps us repair after we’ve been exposed to the sun’s rays.
How I incorporate them into my diet: I eat tomatoes like they’re apples, I absolutely love them. My fiancee and my daughter though...absolutely despise them so I’ve had to get inventive (let’s hope he doesn’t read this).
- I like to have at least 1 night out of every fortnight where I make my spaghetti Bolognese. I finely dice some tomatoes, garlic, sweet potato and onion, throw it together with chicken mince and some organic pasta (you can generally find organic products at your local supermarket now)
- I love to have lunches with just rice crackers, sunflower margarine (from my local grocery store), ham (weakness, LOVE HAM) and thinly sliced tomato...soooo yum, and so refreshing. If I have avocado, I generally use it in replacement of the margarine as it’s a healthy fat itself.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Make-Up Storage Ideas

5 Great Reasons To Have Your Make-Up Organized

  • It saves you from re purchasing items you'd originally thought
  • Avoid a meltdown when you can't find a favorite lipstick, blush, bronze etc.
  • It's practical (duh). Not only does it look great but it's useful to!
  • When it's all neat and organized, you then have that little extra time to take care and READ EXPIRATION dates on products you may have been using but really shouldn't have 
  • You will know what you already have, and what you need. Money saver!!

The DIY Guru: $0 - 25

- Use boxes, plastic containers, sentimental items you may own but have no use for (favorite tea cup or saucer) & fix yourself up a DIY. Or purchase travel make up cases (small or large) to have all your makeup conveniently in one place (see below images)

         A)                         B)                                    C)          

Example: Beauty box subscriptions boxes, can be recycled to store powders, nail polish, lip sticks/ glosses etc. 

The Neat Freak: $26 - 50

- Incorporating what you may already have and love with new complimenting pieces. Pick a colour scheme or a material (e.g plastic, wood, stainless steel) to make your whole make up storage area seamlessly blend.

Example: Add complimenting pieces to your existing items. Stationary stores are great to get neat little pieces from or just some inspiration. You could then visit Target, Kmart, Big W or even your local dollar store and get those looks for less.

Star Quality: $51 - 100

This option is great if you have the budget (which not all of us do) and you are wanting to completely revamp or just vamp your make up collection area. 

Example: Buying a second hand vanity table would not only save you A LOT of money, but you can then customize it to your liking. Think; spray painting it to match your room, adding new knobs onto the draws etc. Your time and work would be a worthy investment.

And there you have it, if you want to let me know how you store your make-up then please comment below, I read every single one :)

I'm also holding a giveaway very soon so make sure you keep following this space for more details coming to a blog post near you
Until next time,

Saturday, December 24, 2011

How to look Sexy, Not Trashy!

Modern Bombshell: On a Budget

Think Marilyn Monroe, Bridget Bardot, Jane Russell..

Apparently Bombshells have much more fun than the rest of us...Is it their luring look of innocence through sheer confidence of their sexuality? I absolutely have no idea but whether you're young or old, Brunette or Blonde, you too could be a bombshell for a day, should you wish.

Keep reading for more tips!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Food & Fashion: The Christmas Duo

I love fashion, not just clothes but the accessories that come with it, for me it's yet another way to express my creativity. I also love food. A lot. This is why I want to be very comfortable in what I am wearing this festive season, so as not to experience ultra discomfort after loving my food a little too much.

I thought some of you may agree with me, so down below I have compiled a list of comfortable clothes that still have the style factor alongside. I for one don't believe we were made to fit in only one 'shape' category so the dresses displayed are purely options. No one size was in mind.

Opt to break away from the 'usual' colour choices of red and green this year, and relish in plums, violet, raspberry, silver and/or gold if you dare. Christmas isn't limited to two colours so neither should you be.

The clothes below are simply for suggestion purposes only, I am not affiliated with these companies.


              Pep-lum Talk Dress: $42.99                           Box Knot Drop Earrings: $6.76
  • The ever so well placed overlap of this dress makes me feel more comfortable just staring at it from my computer screen. The waist is forgiving and will allow you to feel more than just stylish this festive season. 
  • Accessorize this dress with some tan/ honey coloured boots or 'strappy' heels. 
  • For some added 'dazzle' you can always go silver with some bracelets or a lengthy necklace that compliments the dress neckline.

Battle of The Beauty Boxes

Warning: You are about to be well informed...

Battle of the Beauty Boxes is very much underway, not only in Australia but also worldwide. The purpose? To make your beauty product buying, simpler. However, now with so many beauty box subscriptions available, I feel just as confused about which one/ how many to subscribe to, as I do when I am standing in a store looking at over 30 varieties of many types....

I'd like to note, true to my OCD form I have simply alphabetized ( I used to think I had made that word up ha ha) the Beauty Boxes. This is NOT a sponsored post, this is an opinion post. I am not paid for my opinions.

What the Box? $15 a month beauty box subscription service delivered straight to your door containing "5 of the most luxurious beauty products"

When the Box? There is the option to make your subscription a 12, 6, 3 or monthly subscription. Payment & Processing (shipping) is said to be done on the 15th of every month.

Options to the Box? The 12 month option is worth mentioning as its total cost is $165 (1 month free) This has just been added to Bella Box, so if you're needing/ wanting to get into someones good books...this may be your chance..

Bonus? As part of an emerging trend, there is a men's subscription also available for $30 every quarter (4 months) where you will receive "6 - 8 of the best grooming products to hit the market"

Availability? Only available (currently) in Australia

Brands Associated with the box? Click here to go straight to their brand information

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Glossybox Products Review: December

Like most things in life, people will have mixed opinions on their Glossybox for December. Maybe for completely different reasons or maybe their reasons are exactly the same.

Nevertheless I thought I would introduce to you the Glossybox that I have received for December and the contents that were inside and my opinion on them all.

The package like the time before it (November) was beautifully wrapped...and pink still. I think I just assumed after seeing one Glossybox review on YouTube with a red box that we would all receive a red box instead of a pink...although this was not the case, I still love my pink box...that's just the girly girl in me I guess.

TIGI Hair Care:  Manipulator by Bed Head
$23.95/ 57 ml

Wear Me Thin

Clothing to me, needs to posses 3 qualities:
  1. Quality Workmanship: this makes it worth the money you spend on it, even if it may be a little extra at the time.
  2. Comfort: No matter what style is 'happening' at a certain time, comfort to me comes first. I have suffered trying to wear high heels that caused me agony, it's not fun, and it makes you look ridiculous. As does a shirt far too tight or a dress far too loose.
  3. General Affordability: This links back to Quality workmanship. Just because something is expensive, doesn't automatically place it in the 'good quality' area. Why is it expensive? Don't be ripped off, check around for sales and do some research. It could save you hundreds.
I started on a quest; to find affordable clothing that you're not going to have to replace (and therefore costing you more money) on a regular basis. 

I came across two more companies/ online stores to add to my list, you can check out my ASOS love in the blog tab section.

The first is HauteLook which is a members only website that offers 'limited time' deals to their members (it's easy and free to join) I have to say I do love a bargain, especially when it is ACTUALLY a bargain and not just a clever scheme from a store, to get you interested but just as quickly disappointed.

Below is some of my wish list items. If you're not familiar with my 'wishlist' Wednesdays, basically I compile images such as the ones below which show my favorite things at the moment, it is NOT me asking for people to buy them.

The second store/website that I came across was Forever 21 which I heard about through a lot of YouTube haul videos/ fashion blogs. The great thing about Forever 21 is the range of clothes and the layout of the website.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Digital Photo Flipbook

I don't follow many trends, I am generally aware of of them (how can you not be with social media these days), but I don't have the time, patience nor money to be very dedicated with them.

Photo Flipbooks though...I like. I'm not even sure if they're trending at the moment, but I love them.

It took me around 15 minutes to work my webcam magic and produce 209+ photos, then compiling them into a 'Digital Flipbook' took another 10 minutes. Time well spent? 

Not sure, but below is what I came up with.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Crunchy Cripsy Chicken

Crunchy Crispy Chicken (Strips)

Ingredients Needed:
** Depending on the quantity of strips you want

500g of Chicken Tenderloins **
2x Egg Yolks **
3/4 Cup of Milk **
2 Cups of Breadcrumbs **
Sunflower Oil (or oil of your choice)
Chicken Seasoning (optional)
Salt & Pepper (optional)

Friday, December 16, 2011

Glossybox Products review: Novembers

Although it's December I have been waiting until I had trialled all 4 (yes, there was meant to be 5) items of my Glossybox for November before doing each individual product review. Click here to see the video I had uploaded of Glossybox on the day of receiving it.

DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated in any way with Glossybox, this is just my opinion of the products that I have received. I do not get paid for these reviews.

Below from L to R are:  

Lily Loves Pearl - Facial Exfoliator: 

Love or Loath? I love this so much!! It's very delicate on the skin, and it really does leave your skin feeling so much more softer.

Would you purchase it? Definitely. It would be a little splurge for me, but well worth it.

Were you satisfied with the results? I was skeptical at first as to what I would see, but my skin does feel and look so much better after using this product.

9 /10 Price wise for me, it's a splurge but it's worth it.


I thought i'd be hip and try to listen to music whilst writing this post, but I accidentally starting writing out the lyrics to the song I was listening is now off, brain is now on.

When you are wanting to save, whether it be for a house, a new car or even a new gadget, there are two words that should be a must to think about: Realistic Expectations.

If you make a budget that isn't realistic to your situation, you have immediately set yourself up to fail. When your bank account is sitting a $0 or under every month you need to track your EVERY spend (even if it's over $0 you should still do this)

Not including things that you know you spend money on, such as a monthly subscription to a magazine or that morning coffee, may not seem like it will hinder your financial progress but those little spending's are riddled in people's lives and they need to be included.

I'm absolutely passionate about trying to help people where I can, and whether or not you have $0 in your bank account at the end of every month or whether you have $1,000 I believe it's in your best interest to draw yourself up a budget.

How? Let me know in the comments below if you would like me to attach an excel spreadsheet template for you all to track your expenses/ income (it'd be something you saved to your computer so no one else would see it.)

That's really what I do:

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Skinny Budget

I'm on a ' skinny' budget at the moment.

I don't actually mind that much at all, I enjoy getting a bargain or a good deal and sometimes when there's no budget set and you find yourself in 'that moment' where you NEED 'THAT' ITEM no second thought whatsoever is given to anything else.

So a skinny budget forces you to REALLY think about whether your NEED item is really a WANT and whether it would complete your wardrobe or just sit there and never get worn.

I categorize my budget into three areas

- Under budget
-Within budget
- Splurge

Also it doesn't matter if your as tall and narrow as a tree, as petite as a mouse or as cuddly as a koala (yes, I'm Australian) when looking for clothes, make sure you are opting to ENHANCE and FLATTER YOUR figure, don't buy clothes that are great for completely different body shapes and make you look, or even worse, FEEL horrible.

Check below on a list I have compiled of things I have daydreamed about on my skinny budget:

UNDER BUDGET ($20 & under)
Target: GRAZIA Zip Jeans $20.00

WITHIN BUDGET ($20 - $50)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I remember being about 7 and wondering what I would look like when I was an adult. Would I be really tall? Would I be as beautiful as the women on T.V? Would I have really white teeth and perfect eyebrows like the women I saw in my mums magazines?

In the eyes of 7 year old me, outside beauty defined everyone. My mum always told me to look deeper than a persons makeup to see who they really were, but as I grew up I noticed people still were defining a person purely on their outside appearance. I was bullied a few times during my schooling, nothing too substantial but the repetition of the insults did bother me.

- My arms were too hairy
- I was too skinny
- Then I was chubby
- I had a big nose
- I was too quiet

To top off those *sarcastic voice* wonderfully intelligent insults I also had the pleasure of having braces and headgear, though I only had to wear my headgear at night (YAY)

For the first few weeks I was miserable, not just because of the pain I was feeling in my teeth but also the negative thoughts I had let myself plant about the upcoming bullying.

I think only ONE person called me 'train tracks' because of my braces and I remember thinking at the time "what an idiotic thing to say." I got braces to fix my teeth, not to add an accessory to my face.

Regarding facial accessories, I never wore glasses until I was 18, and only when I was prescribed them full time did I realize just how much I really couldn't see before then. I love having my glasses, they give the ability of sight. Of course they do frustrate me at times, but all in all I'm fine with having them.

Once I had left school and those really awkward couple of years behind me, I absolutely had no idea what to do next. There are always those people in life that have it all worked out, and I would always compare myself to them and the progress they were making on their own life.

Soon enough though I came to meet a lot of different people in my life, people who were extremely religious, people who would scoff at even the word religion, people would tell me I looked great the way I was and people who would 'kindly' give me suggestions on what I could 'fix'.

Wish List Wednesday

WISH LIST WEDNESDAY!! I felt it...and I just went for it, powerful stuff.

ASOS. If you are not aware of them go to their site here (Australian link) and become aware. Three words: great fashion online. The prices are reasonable and there always seems to be a sale happening, and what I really love is that they cover mens fashion also. It's not just clothes either, I know when a lot of people here the word 'fashion' our mind targets clothes but ASOS also cover accessories (so many bags on there I could add to here) and shoes, which at the moment they are currently having a 40% sale on.

If you're like me and you LOVE shopping and even more so you LOVE getting a good deal then do check out ASOS, quality at an affordable price is always a win in my opinion.

Below is a little collection I have put together

I am definitely influenced at the moment by the warmer days that have burdened my a/c with the task of cooling me down 24/7, for now it's all about loose dresses, that don't add unnecessary lumps and bumps to my frame, flat shoes for comfort with a kick of style and leopard prints..which when done subtly ladies look amazing.

You may see a hint of winter in my wishlist with the ASOS trench coat, I'm moving soon and with that brings a very different weather so I am starting early and looking at what's comfy, affordable and of course Stylish.

For those of you who don't know, I wear glasses everyday. Sure, I could choose not to, but than I would also be inadvertently choosing to walk into the fridge or a wall. I don't like to think I am held back by my glasses and ASOS gives some great options for those of us who wear glasses (be they, sunglasses or vision assistance)

Below are my 3 favorites at the moment. Once again leopard print has crept it's way in.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sausage Rolls: Tasty Tuesday

I don't make these all that often but when I do everyone seems to loves them and they are great as leftovers the next day. They're cost effective, time effective and they are scrumptious :)

What you'll need:

Garlic Salt
Soy sauce
Worcestershire Sauce
Sausages (you can also just use sausage mince, it's quicker but I find not as cheap) 
1x Egg white (for egg wash)
1x Whole egg (+ egg yolk from other egg)
Breadcrumbs (helps hold mixture)
Puff Pastry

Mixing Bowl 
Mixing Spoon
Sharp Knife
Baking Tray
Bowl for egg wash

Separate your egg white from the egg yolk

Take out the required amount of sheets for your pastry (I use 2 sheets to make 4 large rolls) and let them start to defrost whilst you make the filling. Make sure you set them on a flat surface to defrost (ideally a clean bench top surface.)


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